harmonic energy

Customer Testimonials


Commercial Grid Connect

"Harmonic Energy recently completed the installation of 3 pole mounted solar panel arrays for the City of Whitehorse.  We found Harmonic Energy to be very passionate about renewable energy and the environment and this was certainly reflected in their professionalism and workmanship.  The installation process ran very smoothly which was largely due to their great communication, project & site management, responsiveness and their understanding of Council’s requirements.  There were also some political and timeline pressures throughout this project which we felt were very well managed by the contractor.  
All parts and components used were top quality which is critical in setting up a system such as this and as a result, the installation looks and operates extremely well.
The project has been very well received by both Council and the community and we are delighted with the result.  It was a pleasure to be involved in a project such as this with Harmonic Energy and hope there will be more opportunities to work together in the future."
Matthew Varcoe
Project Engineer
City of Whitehorse

Nov, 2010

Grid Back Up

"I really liked dealing with Harmonic. They were energised and easy to deal with and were always available to speak to. One of the key things, for me, was they dont tell fibs. They are straight talkers that know the industry and know their products extreamIy well. I found them to be very thorough with their work and documentation. Their attention to detail was evident in their written quote, which highlights every part used and thus was completely transparentSo I could see where the money was being spent. I also found them happy to pass on information, and if they dont know it, they will find out and let you know. In short, the experience I had with the team from Harmonic, left me better informed and I always found them to be completely honest and trustworthy."

Andrew, Dec 2010


Off Grid Rural Property

"I selected Harmonic Energy as a supplier in mid 2008, following an extensive review of companies in Victoria providing Stand Alone solar energy systems. The reason I chose Harmonic Energy is that they had good procedures for assessing needs and providing options for a reliable quality system and were very knowledgeable about the products they used. They were also very helpful in supporting me through the decision making process, and I was particularly impressed with their commitment to maintaining the system after installation in a location which is relatively remote.

Harmonic Energy were highly professional in installing the equipment, and I would commend them for using the best quality equipment and for their attention to detail. They also proved to be very attentive in providing post implementation support.

Prior to my house being destroyed in the fires of February 2009, the system installed by Harmonic Energy operated very well and the size of the system recommended proved to be more than adequate for my needs. After the fire, the staff of Harmonic Energy were very helpful in salvaging the parts of the system which had escaped destruction. Having had such a good experience the first time around, I again selected them to install the system in my new house currently under construction."

Gavin, Oct 2010