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Plasmatronics are a local company which specialises in the design and manufacture of electronic regulating and metering devices for solar power systems.

Plasmatronic PL20, PL40 and PL60

PL Regulators are a completely programmable regulator with many features. The regulators have built in safety features which will ensure your batteries are not over used or over charged. The regulator can display battery voltage, charge current, ampere hours in and out of battery, load being drawn from the battery and which part of the charge cycle the battery is in. The regulator works on a three step regulation process, boost, absorption and float modes. There is a 30 day memory system in the controller which can store data remotely via an RS232 interface. Two external shunts can also be connected using a PLS2 bi directional shunt adapter. A second battery can also be charged once the main bank is full.


Plasmatronics Accessories

An external shunt allows the PL regulators to monitor large loads such as inverters, or charging sources that are rated too high to be connected directly to the regulator. A PL regulator can handle up to 2 external shunts.


PLS2 Bi-directional shunt adapter

A bi directional shunt adapter is needed to connect the regulator to the shunt. The adapter can tell the difference between currents coming in and out, and have this data recorded in the PL regulators display.


Shielded Cables

Plasmatronics have a wide range of shielded communication cables for the PL Regulator series. These cables prevent electrical noise from entering the regulator from nearby equipment and cables.

WYS (3mt) shielded cable for PL20 and PL40 to accessory

WZS (3mt) shielded cable for PL60 to accessory

WXS (3mt) shielded cable for between regulators






PL 20 Regulator



200A Shunt


PLS2 Bi- directional shunt adapter