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Energy Efficient Refrigeration

We stock Australia's largest range of energy efficient refrigeration. We welcome two new companies to our range, GRAM and Elcold. These companies are both Danish and have that elegant Scandinavian style to complement the now abundant choice of sizes along with minimal energy usage. A large range means choosing energy efficient refrigeration has never been easier.

Elcold, Gram and Vestforst Fridges and Freezers are the most efficient 240V refrigerators & freezer ranges available on the Australian market. The have been specifically designed to reduce your energy load and have been proven to do so. The units are not only suitable for reducing your load in a off grid power system but due to the fact that they are a 240V model anyone can have one of the most efficient fridges and freezers in their home today.

View www.energyrating.gov.au to help you choose the most energy efficient products.

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate Rebates now available for energy efficient refrigeration

Please ask us on how you can receive a cash back when purchasing

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CW540NF Fridge and Freezer Price $2550 not including delivery

The CW540NF replaces the SW 350M and now comes with freezer on top, fridge at bottom. This model is ideal for large storage needs.

It has a large 362 litre fridge, 107 litre freezer and is available in white.

Features include:
Multi-flow cooling system
Fully automatic defrsoting of the fridge and freezer
Front and rear rollers - Levelling feet
Adjustable shelves and removable door racks
Fast freezing compartment

362lt Fridge / 107lt Freezer
H: 182cm W: 76cm D: 68cm
1285Wh/day (MEPS Test at 32°)



CW395L Refrigerator Price $2100 not including delivery

The CW395L is a single door refrigerator suitable for larger storing needs whilst using minimal energy.

It has a large 350 litre fridge and is available in white.

Features include:
Reversible door
Front and rear rollers - Levelling feet
Adjustable shelves and removable door racks
Dairy compartment
Egg holders
Bottle racks

350lt Fridge
H: 185cm W: 59.5cm D: 63cm
680 Wh/day (MEPS Test at 32°)


Chest freezer SE235. Price $1950 not including delivery

The control panel with the angled digital thermometer makes it easy to read the temperature. The super freeze function is used for freezing large amounts of food. Spacious, stackable baskets allow organized storage of your food. The practical partition wall for the freezing compartment also functions as a tray for collecting water from thawing ice. The alarm is activated by undue rises in temperature. There are many more functional features and details.

Features Include:
Three baskets
Interior light
Control panel with fast-freeze switch
Temperature warning lamp
Childproof control knob
Electricity-on lamp.

SE 325: 312 lt
H:85cm W:156cm
710 Wh/day (European Test at 25°)

827 Wh/day (MEPS Test at 32°)