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Off grid power systems also known as stand alone (SAPS) or remote area (RAPS) power systems generally supply power to specific appliances or to places where no electricity grid exists. These systems are more complex than grid connect systems but can be a far more efficient and environmentally friendly process than extending the electricity grid. Off grid power systems require the capacity to store alll the electricity you need. So by reducing your energy demand and using as many energy efficiency and conservation measures as possible you can reduce this capacity. This is important as the larger the system the larger the cost to you.

The first step when purchasing an off grid power system is to conduct an energy audit of all appliances which will be powered by the system. This is the basis of your system sizing. At harmonic energy, our experienced staff can help you through this process and size up a system which suits your individual needs.

A typical stand alone solar power system consists of:
• Framing
• Photovoltaic Cells
• Wiring
• Electrical Safety Circuitry
• Regulator and control accessories
• Batteries
• Inverter


harmonic energy stand alone photo album

schott165_7modules solar_DC_isolator
battery_configuration solar_control_room_with_safety_signs
battery_room inverter_and_solar_switchboard

These photos are of Forest Walks Lodge in Jackey's Marsh, Tasmania. This is a solar passive ecolodge with an off-grid system.

w: www.forestwalkslodge.com

For further photos and system information view our case studies.
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