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COBURG TOWN HALL (Moreland City Council) - 7.2kW Roof Mounted Solar Power

BOX HILL MEDIAN STRIP (City of Whitehorse) - 1.5kW Pole Mounted Solar Power


Grid Connect Case Study 1: 1.7kW grid connected solar power system, using 10x 170W Schott modules and Fronius IG 20 inverter and UniRac framing with room for additional modules

"The long process of selecting and installing a solar electricity system was made simpler and easier by harmonic energy. Their sincerity, knowledge and understanding were much appreciated. They handled all the planning, paperwork and installation, plus organising the electrician, inspector and dealing with the electricity retailer. Things happened without fuss. I am very happy with the quality of service, the level of communication and the final product."

Ian Whitford, Steels Creek










Grid Connect Case Study 2: 3.4kW grid connected solar power system and Rinnai Beasley split solar hot water system (3x frost tolerant Excelsior collectors with a 26L instantaneous gas booster).

"Oh what a feeling ...when your Solar PV System is installed and switched on and you watch the electricity meter start to go backwards ..... indicating that your system is generating more electricity than you are using. We have recently had a solar gas hot water system as well as a Solar Photovoltaic System installed at our home by the very professional team from harmonic energy. We have been greatly impressed by the close attention to detail in all aspects of the installation of both systems.

We chose harmonic energy partly because they use and supply solar panels from Germany made by Schott which have proven to the best solar panels in independent international tests conducted overseas. We believe that the superior German Engineering reputation gives us the best guarantee of having systems that deliver the best performance. We carried out a comparison of the major suppliers such as BP, Origin, Solar Lord etc and found that on all aspects (origin of panels, reliability of panels, cost, professionalism of the team of people) that harmonic energy were ahead of their competitors. The other reason that we chose harmonic energy as our supplier and installer was the superior knowledge of their team, which was not just made up of sales people but people who are passionate about the ability of Australians to do something very positive for the future of our planet and to reverse the effect of greenhouse gases on climate change.

We cannot see the average 240,000 black balloons of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by Australian households but we want our children and grand children to have a world that has a future. We have no hesitation in recommending harmonic energy as a first class supplier and installer of gas/solar hot water systems and also solar photovoltaic systems. We know that they know and understand the way to harness solar power generation and that you will not be disappointed. They are a quality team supplying quality products which will save each household a lot of money (especially as electricity prices increase as they inevitably must in future years) and which will have a positive impact on the future of our world. It is not cheap to purchase systems like we have but we have used some of our superannuation because we believe that the planet is in need of urgent action now."

Barry Coleman, Reservoir.







Grid Connect Case Study 3: 1kW solar power system and 2-collector close-coupled solar hot water system (180l, electrically boosted).

"We replaced the conventional electric off peak storage hot water system with a Beasley 180 litre 2 panel solar hot water system with electric boosting. We then used the same (very small!) north facing roof to install a 1 kW grid connected solar system. harmonic energy juggled both the solar hot water and our 6 x170 watt Schott polycrystalline solar modules onto our north facing roof (23° pitch). They did a great job as it took careful planning to make it fit together in such a small roof area. Our Fronius IG 15 inverter is located in the kitchen where it's a lot of (nerdy) fun watching the solar system produce an average of 4kW hours a day."

Kerry Tait and Chris Hayward, Brunswick


tetris roof

tait inverter


Stand Alone Case Study 1: 1.36kW Stand Alone Power System, and Single Panel 180L Close Coupled Rinnai Beasley Solar Hot Water System. Murrabit, Northern Victoria.

This property is located just north of Kerang. The power lines across the road are only 150m away, but the cost of connecting the house to them was over $30,000. This meant the house was eligible for the Remote Renewable Power Generation Program, which contributes a whopping 50% of the cost of a stand alone power system. So not only was solar the most ecological option, it was also the most cost effective. The system is highly user-friendly, with remote displays for the inverter and regulator making it possible to do quick checks from inside the house. A DC lighting system was also included in the control room in case of system failure.

A close coupled (tank on roof) solar hot water system was chosen to reduce electricity consumption (no need for a pump to circulate water) and significantly reduce LPG consumption. In this case, the roof required minor reinforcement below the tank to ensure structural integrity.

The customer was very happy when the system was fully installed and operational, saying "I know you guys do this every day, but to me, to be able to turn on the fridge and lights and have the electricity coming from these panels on the roof is just amazing."


SAPS panels

control board


Stand Alone Case Study 2: Hybrid 1kW Solar and 200W Wind power. Near Lakes Entrance, Eastern Victoria.

This hybrid system powers an energy efficient Ral home. The 6 x 175W Schott panels are mounted on a steel pole that is sunk 2m into the ground. The tilt angle of the panels is easily adjustable to maximise solar performance at all times of the year. The solar is supplemented by a 200W wind turbine, intended to reduce the need for a generator in winter. Due to the site's proximity to the ocean, the corrosion-resistant Air Marine model was used. The 13m tower can be easily lowered for maintenance using a gin pole and winch. A back-up generator is not currently required, however the system is designed so that one can be easily incorporated in the future if their electricity requirements increase.

As with all harmonic energy stand alone power systems, high quality gel batteries are used. These require little maintenance, as they do not need to be topped up with purified water, or tested with a hydrometer. They will also last longer than wet cell batteries, and can be cycled more deeply, meaning that a smaller amp hour capacity is required for the same load. This means that while initially more expensive, they work out to be more economical than wet cell batteries. They are also safer to handle, and there is no hydrogen off-gassing. The cedar stand ensures maximum heat dissipation, enabling the batteries to maintain an even temperature throughout, thus extending their life. As temperature variations can affect charging voltages, a temperature sensor is also connected to the regulator to avoid under/over charging in hot or cold weather. This is what Greg and Angie had to say:

"harmonic energy have recently completed a stand alone solar and wind power system for our rural house. They are a great team who all take great pride in their work and are fully committed to providing quality alternative energy solutions for their clients. They were very professional from our first enquiry, immediately sending an energy audit/load usage sheet via email. Once that information was analyzed they very quickly sent a very comprehensive quote - every bit was itemized and priced so we knew up front just what we were paying for.

With their extensive industry experience, they were able to give us valuable assistance with the rebate procedures and submitted the final application on our behalf after input from us. Unlike many other contractors we hired while building our house, the harmonic energy team arrived to do work on our site when they said they would. On site they were cheerful and hardworking and the quality of their work was evident. They don't like to cut corners and insist on using top quality components for all the work which gives us piece of mind, knowing that the system will operate as planned for many years."

solar and wind

control board